The street shown in this delightful picture from four years before the start of the Second World War remains to this day, but the view has changed almost beyond recognition.

The Watford Observer has again teamed up with its friends at Watford Museum to look back at structures, objects or businesses from the town’s past that have either disappeared or been relocated and today we recall this scene in Rickmansworth Road from 88 years ago.

The museum’s volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: “Before the 1930s this scene along Rickmansworth Road had all the appearance of being out in the countryside.

Watford Observer: The view towards the crossroads from Rickmansworth Road in 1890The view towards the crossroads from Rickmansworth Road in 1890 (Image: Watford Museum)

“The view is towards the crossroads of Hempstead Road on the left, the top of the High Street on the right and St Albans Road straight on.

“This view from 1935 was taken just before a roundabout was constructed to replace the old crossroads, and a few years later, the current Town Hall was built.

Watford Observer: The view looks completely different todayThe view looks completely different today (Image: Google Street View)

“Everything changed again in the 1970s when today’s larger roundabout and underpass was put in.”

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