A planning application has been submitted to change the use of former Bushey Fire Station that dates back to 1909.

The building in Rudolph Road, Bushey, is currently classed as a “suis generis” – a Latin phrase meaning “of its own kind or unique”.

The part time fire station, which is next to the Bushey Museum, closed on March 31, 2014

On Tuesday, August 8, a request was made to change the building to a commercial business – Class E.

In a letter to Hertsmere Council, it was revealed that the change would allow ASNU of Glencoe Road, Bushey, which is parallel to Rudolph Road, to expand its existing business.

The three identified vacant buildings are to be used for light industrial process of assembly and testing of high-performance fuel tanks.

Given the building’s history that began with an engine room, ASNU has described the potential change of use a “poetic”.

If approved the look of the appearance and character of the building will not change.

ASNU added: “As the proposed change of use will not result in a material change to the external appearance of this character building, and the proposed function can be carried out within a residential area without detriment to its amenity, the approval of this change will simply breathe new life and purpose into the Former Fire Station.”