Someone has perched raw chicken legs and Jelly Babies precariously on a bridge above the M25.

The "whacky" spectacle was snapped by Tessa McLean while walking her dog near Egg Farm Lane, in Kings Langley, at around 12pm today (Friday, August 25).

Having posted the sight to social media – alongside the tag ‘What the actual…’ – users voiced mixed reactions.

Some revelled in the funny side, commenting “Chicken Run sequel”, “sweet and sour chicken” and “free range”.

Watford Observer: Raw chicken and Jelly Babies perched on an M25 bridge.Raw chicken and Jelly Babies perched on an M25 bridge. (Image: Tessa McLean)

But others pointed out how it could cause a serious accident, adding: “Just hope that one does not drop off and cause a traffic incident.

“Would you want one on your car roof or windscreen!”

There was also general bemusement at what was actually going on.

Reflecting on when she encountered it, Tessa told the Watford Observer: "My initial reaction was disbelief, then I thought is it April 1?

"Then I considered the thought processes/plan of whoever decided to do it. I wondered if it's something they make a habit of doing on other M25 bridges.

"Or maybe it's a whole new type of environmental art installation! Pretty whacky though. It livened up our walk whatever the thinking behind it."

It is unclear how long it has been there or whether police and Herts Highways have been notified, but one contributor claimed to have seen it “the other day”.