Shoppers who the Rickmansworth branch of this supermarket giant have been visiting a store in Harefield Road for more than 30 years, but prior to then they would have been browsing the shelves at another location in the town.

Tesco used to be in the town’s High Street but in 1964 the new Penn Place precinct opened in Northway and the supermarket relocated.

These pictures, capturing two girls sitting on the wall and chatting away outside the supermarket, were taken by a Watford Observer photographer in October 1990, less than two years before Tesco left Penn Place to move to its current home.

Watford Observer: Penn Place opened in 1964Penn Place opened in 1964 (Image: Watford Observer)

The precinct itself was subsequently demolished to make way for apartment blocks, but Penn Place, its other shops and a pub named ‘The Keystone’ will still be remembered by many readers.