This tranquil scene showing a man riding a horse in the river was captured at what is now one of the major routes into Watford.

The Watford Observer has again teamed up with its friends at Watford Museum to look back at structures, objects or businesses from the town’s past that have either disappeared or been relocated and this week we recall this image of Cassio Bridge and access from Rickmansworth Road.

The museum’s volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: “There used to be two very distinct bridges along what is now the dual carriageway section of Rickmansworth Road that runs between the roundabout just beyond Gade Avenue and the roundabout in front of the Harvester restaurant.

“One bridge crossed the river Gade, the second over the canal but today it feels like one long bridge spanning both.

Watford Observer: A view of the bridge from Rickmansworth RoadA view of the bridge from Rickmansworth Road (Image: Watford Observer)

“This image shows the double arches of the brick-built bridge over the Gade. Like the Pond in the High Street, it was possible to walk a horse down into the water as this rider has done – the entrance from Rickmansworth Road can be seen over his left shoulder.

Watford Observer: Rickmansworth Road runs from top right on this 1896 Ordnance Survey mapRickmansworth Road runs from top right on this 1896 Ordnance Survey map (Image: Ordnance Survey / Watford Museum)

“Unfortunately the photo isn’t dated but perhaps it is in the 1920s and many years before the roadway was altered.”

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