Watford Foodbank has been left with empty shelves after a "significant reduction" in donations ahead of the colder months.

Manager Andrew Tranter has voiced fears for its future after receiving “four tonnes less” in February than January this year - a trend that has continued to date.

He acknowledged Watford has “always been most generous” but said that over the last year rising costs have affected a large number of people.

Watford Observer:

According to Andrew, the charity does not receive any money or support from the government despite struggling with the empty shelves.

He said: “We have been spending a lot more of the donation money on food than we have done in the past but it isn’t just food we worry about. We want to make sure people who come to us have heating and light.”

The service is supported by donations from the public, schools, supermarkets and churches.

Watford Observer:

The manager added: “We go through a lot of up and down periods throughout the year as a charity but hopefully with the harvest festival season and Christmas coming up, we will have more donations.

“I am worried for the future of the foodbank, especially for those people who are really struggling and the families with young children who are facing economic hardships at the moment.”

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said: “It is extremely sad that, in this day and age, an increasing number of households are relying on food banks. As a council, we are continuing to support Watford Foodbank, along with other vital organisations, with the funds and grants we have available.”

Andrew said: “We want to help as many people as we can but with the low supplies there is a worry we won’t have enough.”

Watford Foodbank is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and located on Imperial Way, North Watford, you are able to be supplied with goods if you have a foodbank voucher.

To donate to the foodbank or find out more visit its website.