A gang that stole £17,000 worth of Sainsbury’s goods after climbing aboard a lorry have managed to swerve police.

Officers had been investigating after the vehicle was targeted while being driven along St Albans Road, Watford, at 8.24am on Thursday, June 29.

Another vehicle pulled up in front of the lorry, bringing it to a stop, before people entered the back of it. They then made off with the items.

The stolen goods were supermarket stock for Sainsbury's, a police spokesperson said at the time, before appealing for witnesses.

This week, Herts Police told the Watford Observer they were unable to identify any suspects in relation to the theft, so the crime has been closed.

Residents at the time had reacted with shock online, with one branding the town “lawless”.

Another wrote: “That time of the morning most of the road is very busy with vehicles and pedestrians. I would think lots of people witnessed this.”