Numerous objections have been submitted to the council over a plan to turn a home into a house of multiple occupancy (HMO).

In the application sent on Monday, September 18, the owner of the home in Crown Rise, Garston, Watford, also requested to build a double storey-side extension.

If approved, there will be six bedrooms in the house.

Since the application was submitted, 14 people Crown Rise residents have objected to the proposal.

Objections range from concerns regarding parking to worries that the build will not be in keeping with other homes in the road.

Several people have described the road as a “community” where “children enjoy the freedom” of the cul-de-sac.

One person added: “The addition of an HMO in the middle of the street will change the character as it will introduce a more transient population who won't share the community togetherness that has been present here for so many years.”

The house currently has parking for one car, but spaces for four cars are in the plan.

Watford Observer: Despite the owner suggesting there will be parking for four cars, the residents do not think this is enough.Despite the owner suggesting there will be parking for four cars, the residents do not think this is enough. (Image: Google Street View)

However, people are still concerned that this is not enough as each bedroom could house two people meaning there could be 12 cars in total.

One person said: “That would require additional cars parking on the road, and this would be exacerbated when the church has large events causing congestion and a narrowing of an already narrow road.”

They added the narrow road could be a problem if emergency vehicles needed access.

Others are concerned that if approved it will set a precedent for other houses to be changed in the road too.

One person said: “This is not a student area and does not require this change of use.”

Another added: “There is a possibility of noise and anti-social behaviour if tenant turnover is frequent as no form of vetting is perfect.”

If approved, four of the bedrooms will have en suite and the other two will share a shower room.

The house will have an open plan kitchen, dining and living room space. A separate utility and downstairs shower room are also included in the proposed layout.

The owner of the house declined to comment.