Identical twins are supporting each other’s paths as one became a trans man and the other entered the Miss England beauty competition.

Suchita and Savita Naidu, 21, who attended Watford Grammar School for Girls, have discussed their journey and how they have grown closer over the years.

The duo grew up as biological sisters but have now been brother and sister for the last three years after Savita transitioned to a male.

Watford Observer: Savita and Suchita Naidu, aged 21.Savita and Suchita Naidu, aged 21. (Image: SWNS)The pair were born five minutes apart in Camden, North London, before moving to Malaysia in 2005 when they were three years old.

The twins moved back to Britain, aged 10, with their parents and two elder sisters in 2012 to live in Watford.

Savita came out as gay in Year 9 in 2016 and as a trans man in 2020, at the end of A-Levels, which the pair say brought them closer together than ever before.

Watford Observer: Savita NaiduSavita Naidu (Image: SWNS)Suchita, a communications and engagement officer for a local council, said: "Growing up it became apparent that Savita was different even from the age of around two - they would just not wear dresses.

"I was in girls’ clothes and Savita was always in boys’ clothes even back then.

"My twin would play with what you'd call traditional boys toys, whereas I was all about Barbies and the colour pink.”

She said she was inspired to enter Miss England following a tarot reading where she dealt herself a 'universe card' featuring a Miss Universe beauty queen.

Watford Observer: Suchita NaiduSuchita Naidu (Image: SWNS)

Suchita was a finalist in Miss England's first ever 'make up free' regional heat, which took place on September 29.

She said she was “proud to have my twin supporting me along the way”.

Savita, who uses the pronouns they and him, was inspired to come out by the likes of trans singer Noahfinnce and actor Elliot Page.

Watford Observer: The twins went to Watford Grammar School for GirlsThe twins went to Watford Grammar School for Girls (Image: SWNS)

Savita, who is currently studying philosophy, politics and economics at University College London, said: "During secondary school, we started learning about the LGBT community and all the feelings I had inside me began to make sense.

“Coming out made us a lot closer as twins too as it forced us have those intimate conversations with each other. I couldn't be without her."