Sarratt Road remains closed outside of York House School today after a water pipe burst last week.

The road in Croxley Green has been closed since Thursday as it was flooded, and engineers were called to fix the problem.

The issue led to residents being without water or dealing with low water pressure until the early hours of Friday morning.

It also meant that York House School was closed for the last two days prior to its half-term holiday.

According to One Network, the road will be opened later today but it is currently showing “delays likely” due to roadworks.  

Watford Observer:

The road is currently only closed on the strip between the Redhall Lane turning and the Little Green Lane turning.

According to Google Maps, there is currently minimal disruption around the area, with traffic flowing normally, despite the closure.

Watford Observer:

After Affinity Water discovered the original problem, technicians discovered a secondary leak which slowed residents' water pressure returning to normal.

There is no longer an alert on the Affinity Water site which suggests there is likely not to be any more disruption to households’ water supply.

Hertfordshire County Council has been contacted for further information.