An underpass in Garston has been branded “disgraceful” amid mud and lighting issues.

The area in Bucknalls Lane is often a mess, a resident has claimed, with the slippery surface forcing people to “hop, skip and jump” through it.

Richard Searle, 71, from Garston, has told the county council but claimed "nothing has been done" and "no one seemed to care". 

Herts County Council told the Watford Observer it is aware of the problems and a highways team will visit next week.

Mr Searle, 71, said: “The lane is very muddy and unsafe, and the lights do not work which means it could be dangerous now the days are getting darker earlier, especially for the school children who use it to get to school.

“I am worried about falling as it is very slippery. The council haven’t done anything about it despite contacting them over 10 days ago. I have just been sent an email saying they are looking into it.”

Watford Observer:

According to Mr Searle, there is nowhere for the water to go which makes it muddy and “very slippery”.

The 71-year-old, who lives on Fullers Avenue, uses the path to get to the bus stop on the other side of the road.

Watford Observer:

He is also concerned about the lighting, which he claims is currently broken and will become increasingly problematic during dark winter evenings.

Mr Searle is hoping that something will be done as "if there is a lot of rain, the underpass will become more muddy and unsafe as the water has nowhere to go". 

The resident is hoping it will be cleared to help schoolchildren "avoid getting muddy whilst walking to and from school".

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council said: “We are aware of the issues with this underpass, and our highways team a planning to visit the site next week, after this week’s Storm Babet, to clear away any debris deposited from the bad weather, clear away any low growing vegetation on the steps, check the subway drainage system and carry out a general tidy up.”