A burst pipe in South Oxhey left a road looking like "a small lake" this morning (October 20).

The water main issue in Prestwick Road approaching Little Oxhey Lane arose this morning at around 5.30am.

A picture shows large amounts of water spraying near the junction.

Watford Observer: The burst pipe was seen at around 5.30am. The burst pipe was seen at around 5.30am. (Image: Pete Card)

The water had started to form a “small lake” near the bridge, according to a resident on social media.

Technicians from Affinity Water told the Watford Observer they will be attending the site to look into the incident further. A spokesperson has not confirmed when that will happen.

There is no alert on the water company’s website about the issue, and there are no delays on the road, according to Google Maps.

Commenting on the picture, another person said “I thought it was a swan”, referencing the shape of the gushing water. 

Someone else added: “It does this all the time. It's the lowest drain so the water comes rushing down the hill.”