Winter may be inching ever closer with the clocks changing this weekend but there is still plenty of autumn colour around us to enjoy.

‘The colours of autumn’ is the current challenge for members of our camera club and they continue to capture some lovely scenes as you can see by scrolling down this page.

The Watford Observer Camera Club is a Facebook-based group.

It is open to all photographers, from those who snap pictures on their phones to professionals who capture perfect shots with specialist equipment.

Every four weeks usually, members of the camera club are set a new challenge, a theme is selected and then the work starts for our talented photographers.

Search for Watford Observer Camera Club on Facebook. Ask to join the group and we’ll accept you.

In addition to Brenda England's picture at the top of this page of Elton John's mural on the side of Watford Library looking through the autumnal leaves, this week’s selection of pictures were taken by:

Brian Gale

Watford Observer: 'The colours of autumn along the canal tow path''The colours of autumn along the canal tow path' (Image: Brian Gale)

Sue Lowden

Watford Observer: 'Autumnal evening at Rickmansworth Aquadrome''Autumnal evening at Rickmansworth Aquadrome' (Image: Sue Lowden)

Raluk Nemteanu

Watford Observer: 'Colours of autumn in Hunton Bridge''Colours of autumn in Hunton Bridge' (Image: Raluk Nemteanu)

Emma Pez

Watford Observer: 'Lovely fungi''Lovely fungi' (Image: Emma Pez)

Angela Scott

Watford Observer: Grove MillGrove Mill (Image: Angela Scott)

Stephen Smith

Watford Observer: 'Autumn colours around the park''Autumn colours around the park' (Image: Stephen Smith)

Robert Stapleton

Watford Observer: 'This lovely, lonely horse''This lovely, lonely horse' (Image: Robert Stapleton)

Dan Stobbs

Watford Observer: 'Cygnet in the sunshine, Hemel Hempstead''Cygnet in the sunshine, Hemel Hempstead' (Image: Dan Stobbs)