Hello, my name’s Cadbury and this is my daughter, Daim! I’m a one-year-old girl and Daim is a ten-week-old kitten. We have a wonderful mother/daughter relationship and are looking for a new home together.

We came into the National Animal Welfare Trust together on September 7 after a change in our previous owner’s circumstances left us homeless. We’re currently in a foster home and have been really enjoying it! We’ll be staying here until a forever home is found for us to protect Daim from any bugs she could pick up from other cats at the rescue centre.

I’m a super sweet girl who loves to be fussed and Daim is a typical kitten who loves to play and get into mischief, given half the chance!

Watford Observer: CadburyCadbury

We can live in a home with children of any age, as long as they’ll respect our space and play with us nicely. We don't want to live with any other cats or any dogs as they’re quite scary.

Watford Observer: DaimDaim

When I’ve settled in, I’ll need outdoor access so I can stretch my legs and find some good sunbathing spots. Daim will need to wait until she is six-months-old to explore though as she’ll be much too small to go outside. Quiet roads are a must for us as Daim doesn't have any road sense yet.

If you’re looking for a lovely mother and daughter duo like us, then apply for us today! Email reception@nawt.org.uk or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2).