The MP for Watford visited a pharmacy last week as part of Ask Your Pharmacist Week.

Dean Russell attended Abbots Park Pharmacy in Leavesden on Tuesday, November 2, to highlight the contributions which the service gives to the wider community and public health.

Watford Observer: Dean visited the pharmacy last week. Dean visited the pharmacy last week. (Image: Dean Russell MP)

He spent the visit finding out about the “pharmacies of tomorrow” vision, which has been commissioned by Community Pharmacy England to share how the role could be expanded over the next decade.

Mr Russell said: "Community pharmacies are the backbone of our local community’s health and wellbeing. They are often the first point of contact for many individuals seeking health advice and medical services and all work hard to keep people well across the town.

Watford Observer: He toured the facilities the pharmacy has. He toured the facilities the pharmacy has. (Image: Dean Russell MP)

“During the winter period, community pharmacies are even more critical as they offer services such as flu jabs to eligible recipients. I am grateful for the unwavering commitment of our local pharmacists and their teams in supporting the health of Watford's residents.”  

Watford Observer:

Ask Your Pharmacist Week is an annual awareness campaign in the UK and was between October 30 and November 6 this year.

Girish Mehta, managing director of Chemilab Pharmacy, added: “Community pharmacies are the most accessible healthcare locations offering convenient access to medicines and a range of services without the need for an appointment.”