Latest updates on the Meriden regeneration project have been met with claims that residents feel ignored and let down.

Watford Community Housing said 71 of the 133 homes have been completed and are occupied, with the final 62 set to be finished by March next year.

It also revealed the county council has agreed to the inclusion of street furniture in York Way to prevent illegal parking in response to locals' concerns, and highways and pavement works are now halfway to being completed.

However, the scheme has still come under fire, with councillor Amanda Grimston claiming WCH has "let residents down", adding: "It is frustrating as they don’t feel listened to as the parking and road safety has been an issue for a long time.”

Watford Observer: The digital image of the plans from 2018. The digital image of the plans from 2018.

She continued: "It is an eyesore and they are not getting it. The work has been going on a very long time, with it being poorly mismanaged, and there have been many mistakes during the whole process.

“Watford Community Housing is proud of what it has done but has completely disregarded residents and the issues it has caused.”

Watford Observer: Done photos from October of the project. Done photos from October of the project. (Image: Stephen Packman)

A Watford Community Housing spokesperson said: “Throughout the project, we have listened to feedback from residents and worked to address their concerns wherever possible. The car park that opened earlier this year is an example of this, along with the extra street parking we have created.

"We are also pleased to confirm that Hertfordshire County Council have finally agreed to the inclusion of street furniture along York Way to make the area safer for pedestrians and prevent illegal parking – this is something we have actively lobbied for over many months, in direct response to residents’ feedback.”

The regeneration project of The Meriden estate in Watford initially began in 2017, and is expected to finish in March 2024.

A spokesperson added: “We are now nearing the end of our regeneration project at the Meriden, where we are proud to be delivering 133 much-needed affordable homes, along with the brand-new parade of shops and modern facilities for residents. We are working towards completing the final phase, which includes a flexicare facility for older people, in March 2024.