Watford Borough Council's planning committee has approved plans to turn a vacant office into three flats, by adding an extra floor to the building.

Plans for 113 Cecil Street were granted prior approval yesterday (Thursday, November 9).

The building - which has been out of use since January 2021 according to a letter attached to the application - will be transformed into three homes.

A separate application, to add an extra storey to the building, has also been approved.

No objections were made to either application.

Watford Observer: The proposed elevations for 113 Cecil Street, Watford.The proposed elevations for 113 Cecil Street, Watford. (Image: Watford Borough Council / The Daylight Lab)

External and internal alterations to the premises can now take place, including the installation of four windows and an entrance door.

When approving the change of use, Watford Borough Council implemented the following conditions: "The development must be completed within a period of 3 years starting with the prior approval date.


"The residential units are to remain in use as dwelling houses...and for no other purpose, except to the extent that the other purpose is ancillary to the use as a dwelling house."

Watford Observer: 3D views of the application on Cecil Street.3D views of the application on Cecil Street. (Image: Watford Borough Council / The Daylight Lab)The application for the change of use can be be viewed using reference 23/00851/CTR.

The other plans for an upward extension can be viewed using reference 23/00845/FUL on Watford Borough Council's planning portal: www.watford.gov.uk/planning-building-control/search-planning-applications-watford.