Watford is constantly undergoing changes and roadworks and it can become difficult to keep track of what is going on.

The Public Notice Portal can be used to access all of the upcoming and recent information about various restrictions and notices which are happening.

We have rounded up seven of the notices on the page which could affect residents in Watford in the upcoming months.

St Albans Road bus and cycle lane closure

This order will come in force on November 20 and will include stopping the use of the lane on the northwest side of the main road.

Watford Observer: The closure could be in place for 18 months.The closure could be in place for 18 months. (Image: Suzy Hazelwood)

It will be from a point 137m southwest of its junction with A41 The Dome roundabout, north-eastwards for approximately 87m, according to the portal.

The works will be in place for up to 18 months due to utility service works.

Russell Lane planning application 

This application which was submitted on November 3 is to build 57 new homes, which include affordable housing. 

It would also include parking, open space ancillary works, vehicular access off Hempstead Road, pedestrian access off Russell Lane, and acoustic barriers on land north of the road.

The application was submitted to Watford Borough Council. 

Waterdale Recycling Centre

A planning application was submitted to change the use of part of the land in the Hertfordshire County Council's centre. 

This is to make parking spaces for the Hertslynx Demand Responsive Transport Service, which is owned by the council, for a temporary period of three years. 

Watford Observer: The site could be changed to have space for council transport parking. The site could be changed to have space for council transport parking. (Image: Magda Elhers)

All of the proposed changes are within the greenbelt land. 

It is open to feedback until November 27. 

Leggatts Rise closure

There is an order which will come into effect on November 24 to stop traffic using the road due to telecom maintenance.

It will be enforced on the whole road for a period of up to 18 months but will only happen at the times indicated on the road signs.

Watford Observer: Leggatts Rise could be closed soon.Leggatts Rise could be closed soon. (Image: Google Maps)

Cars owned by people living on the road will be able to have access to the road when possible.

The Meadows

A notice came into effect on October 30 to introduce no waiting at any time on the southwestern side of The Meadows near the Meriden Surgery to the junction of Finch Close.

Watford Observer: The notice came into effect last month. The notice came into effect last month. (Image: Google Maps)

There is also a no waiting at any time order on the southeastern side.

It is open to feedback until December 8. 

The Gossamers

The footpath on the west side of the road will be closed due to electrical service connection work.

The closure will come into force on November 13 and will be there for up to six months.

There will be an alternative route available, according to the portal.

Alcohol licence

Last month, Euro Garages Limited applied for a premises licence for the Asda Express in North Orbital Road, Garston, Watford WD25 7LW.

Watford Observer: The shop is applying for an alcohol licence.The shop is applying for an alcohol licence. (Image: Pexels)

It would be to permit the sale of alcohol on Mondays to Sundays 24 hours a day.

The sale of late-night refreshments between 11pm and 5am would also be permitted.

The Public Notice Portal is a site which councils use to share information about a wide variety of topics that may impact residents.

It is accessible to the public and can include appeals, road closures, proposals and other publicly available information.