A dog "nearly got mauled to death" during an attack, its owner has claimed, which left him with numerous scratches up his leg.

The Croxley Green man was walking his cavapoochon last Tuesday before a “bull terrier” type of dog, which was on a lead, allegedly attempted to savage his pooch.

Watford Observer: Two-year-old Milo was attacked.Two-year-old Milo was attacked. (Image: Submitted)

He was walking two-year-old Milo at around 2pm on November 7, near an alleyway in Baldwins Lane, and passed a woman walking a larger dog which his wife described as “pretty aggressive”.

They claimed the dog launched towards Milo despite both of them being on leads.

His wife added: “It was absolutely terrifying, and the dog had locked his jaw onto Milo’s harness. The owner started to shout at the dog but it did not respond so my husband had to start trying to get the dog off.

Watford Observer: Some of the injuries the owner has. Some of the injuries the owner has. (Image: Submitted)

“However, the dog was not letting go and started to drag Milo along the road. We are lucky that he had a harness and a dog jumper on as I think if he hadn’t, he would have been seriously hurt.”

The dog was removed from Milo’s harness after a man came out of his house and helped the owner get him free.

Watford Observer: The man has a swollen hand from the attack.The man has a swollen hand from the attack. (Image: Submitted)

She added: “My dog was absolutely terrified and started to make a high-pitched squealing noise which we had never heard him make before. My husband was crying as he thought we were going to lose the dog from a vicious attack.

“My husband has been having nightmares about it as he was so scared about losing Milo and he is struggling to sleep at night.”

Watford Observer: His knee was left bruised and grazed as he was on the floor trying to get the dog off Milo.His knee was left bruised and grazed as he was on the floor trying to get the dog off Milo. (Image: Submitted)

Milo was rushed to the vet and given painkillers for three days but was not seriously injured. 

The man was left with a swollen hand, “many scratches up his leg” and his knees are “bruised up and cut”.

The 44-year-old added: “I want to make others aware that this is happening. The woman did not have much control of the dog and I think it needs to be muzzled if this is a common occurrence.”

The attack has not yet been reported to police.