This very soggy scene was captured in a road with an unusual name after Watford was hit by a large storm more than a century ago.

The Watford Observer is delighted to share pictures from the archive at Watford Museum and this week the focus is on this view of Sotheron Road taken on July 22, 1907.

The museum’s volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: “Sotheron Road was laid out and developed from the late 1860s with the plots being built on over a number of years.

“The road gets its curious name from the previous owner of the land, Thomas Henry Sutton Sotheron Estcourt.

Watford Observer: Sotheron Road in September 2020Sotheron Road in September 2020

“Also on this road there was a National School for boys and girls, and in 1869 W Austin advertised that he was opening a grocery shop “at London prices”.

“The view looks towards the town - the spire of St John's Church in Sutton Road is just visible over the roof tops - and records the flood waters caused by a huge storm.”

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