The developer behind plans for 57 new homes on land near the A41 in Watford has hit back at angry residents opposing the application.

Dozens of three, four and five-bedroom homes would be built on land to the north of Russell Lane, but those who live nearby have been quick to show their dismay.

One of the key points of contention has been access to the site.

The current plans for the site mean it would only be accessible from Hempstead Road, after discussions with Hertfordshire County Council ruled out any access to the A41 or the A411 Hempstead Road on safety grounds.

"The only access being down a small service road is ludicrous," said Lisa Robinson, just one of many unhappy residents. 

"The already dangerous junction of Courtlands Drive and Hempstead Road will come under even more pressure from the new proposed housing."

Mark Hofman, Liberal Democrat councillor for Nascot, raised concerns about environmental damage caused by the development, and is determined to push for answers about access.

"Over the last few weeks I have been meeting local residents to hear their feedback on the developers designs for the land," he said. 

"We will be pressing Hertfordshire Highways to give the community clear answers to the traffic, congestion and safety concerns raised at our meetings."

Watford Observer: Mark Hofman, Liberal Democrat councillor for Nascot.Mark Hofman, Liberal Democrat councillor for Nascot. (Image: Mark Hofman)

Developer North Western Avenue Ltd has hit back at residents, with a spokesperson saying: "We, at North Western Avenue Ltd, have submitted a plan to build new homes on Russell Lane, as confirmed in the Watford Local Plan.

"Although the Local Plan initially allocated for 93 homes, we are planning to build 57 homes instead. This project includes private and affordable family homes.

"We consulted with the Highway Authority early on, and they agreed that the new homes should be accessed from Hempstead Road.

"We've designed this entrance to meet all road safety rules and even had an independent audit to make sure it's safe.

"Our transportation study shows that Hempstead Road can support the additional traffic from our new homes. As part of the study the nearby junction at A411 Hempstead Road and Courtlands Drive was examined and found that this junction is able to accommodate the additional traffic.

"Our proposed development is of high quality and has been carefully planned.

"We have reached out to the Residents Association and look forward to meeting them in person with our team to discuss our plans."