The jury in the trial of a son accused of murdering his father in Watford today listened to a recording of the attack.

Husnein Amjad’s mother had put her mobile phone on audio record when she left the house because there were rumours that her husband Amjad Hussain had married another woman while he was away in Pakistan.

St Albans Crown Court heard Shabham Bi had wanted to record any conversations her husband was having.

The jury was told the police came into possession of the recording in January this year - 15 months after the killing.

Husnein Amjad, 23, is accused of the murder of his father Amjad Hussain at the family home in Fuller Road, Watford, on October 28, 2021.

Prosecutor Wayne Cleaver said the fact that Amjad had killed his father was not disputed as he had pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

The jury was told detectives had been “completely unaware” of the recording until January this year. In July forensics analysts gained access to the phone and were able to retrieve the recording. Today (November 28) the jury donned headphones to listen to it.

Earlier Mr Cleaver had told them: “It captures events over about 50 minutes during which time sounds can clearly be heard consistent with his father being hit and kicked, groaning as if semi-conscious and in pain.”

He said: “The defendant has abandoned any suggestion that his father’s death was an accident, or was done in self-defence. Instead, he now claims that the killing occurred during a loss of self control, which reduces his actions from murder to manslaughter.”

The jury heard how the victim had been in Pakistan since August 2020, his return having been delayed by family issues and Covid.

He was collected from Heathrow Airport on October 27, and the family ate together in the evening, with all seeming well.

But the next day Amjad phoned his sister and said: “Listen, I’ve done something stupid, call the ambulance, I’m gonna hand myself in…”

Asked what he was talking about, he replied: “I’m sorry, it was self-defence”, adding “think of the worst thing I could have possibly done”.

Police and paramedics arrived at the house and tried in vain to resuscitate Mr Hussain, who was pronounced dead at 7.02pm.

Shortly beforehand, Amjad handed himself in at Watford Police Station where he was arrested for attempted murder.

The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, chest, and abdomen.

The trial continues.