A waste processing site in Bushey has applied for planning permission to operate permanently after "severe noise and traffic disruption" sparked residents' compaints.

All Storage London (ASL) has been using a former donkey field in Bushey Hall Lane to process or store waste since February.

According to Liberal Democrat councillors for Bushey North - Louise Nicolas, Alan Matthews, and Paul Richards - ASL does not have planning permission to use the site for this purpose.

The councillors asked council officers to investigate, however, the enforcement process is "slow and complex".

"Legally, a council can’t just turn up and close a place down" say the local politicians."First, it must ask the land-user to regularise the situation by applying for permission."

Since ASL submitted a planning application to Hertsmere Borough Council in October, six objections have been made.


The application can be viewed by using reference 23/1507/FUL on the Hertsmere Borough Council planning portal: www.hertsmere.gov.uk/Planning--Building-Control/Planning-Applications/Planning-Applications.aspx

The Liberal Democrat councillors will now "implore" the council's planning committee to refuse ASL's application due to concerns over "horrendous noise" affecting nearby households, "appalling" traffic and parkng disruption, visual impact on the character of the neighbourhood and a potential flood risk.

The councillors also believe that it is inappropriate to have a waste processing site in a dense residential area and have expressed concern over potential ecological harm to the original field.

The councillors continued: "You may well be concerned by the news ASL has now submitted a planning application, but overall this is actually a positive step.

"If the application is refused - which we hope it will be - the council can then serve an enforcement to close down the waste operation.

Watford Observer: Many of you have complained to us about what’s happening at this siteMany of you have complained to us about what’s happening at this site (Image: Hertsmere Liberal Democrats)

"The application will be decided early next year by Hertsmere councillors who sit on the borough's planning committee."

The deadline for comments or objections to ASL's planning application is Tuesday, December 19.

All Storage London has been approached for comment.