A bus service in Watford will be scrapped on New Year’s Eve due to a lack of customers.

Arriva has confirmed that the Watford ArrivaClick service will stop due to a lack of users making it no longer financially viable.

A spokesperson for Arriva South said: "Arriva invested in ArrivaClick, a joint venture with Watford Borough Council, as a way of developing an additional public transport choice in the area.

"It has attracted passengers, but sadly, not at the level needed to ensure it can be cost-effective for us as a business. Unfortunately, we had to take the very difficult decision to close the service.”

This comes after a large amount of Watford buses were subject to a “shake-up” earlier this year.

Arriva added: "Our aim is and always has been to make public transport the best environmentally sustainable option for everyone and we do have an extensive bus network in and around Watford, so our customers can still rely on our buses to get around."

The £1.5 million service was introduced in 2020 and was one of Watford mayor Peter Taylor’s pledges when he was elected in 2018.

The aim was to help the environment by getting people out of their cars and ride-sharing instead.