Hello there, my name is Butternut and I’m a six-month-old male Russian Dwarf hamster who’s looking for a new home. I was brought to the National Animal Welfare Trust when my owner’s circumstances changed.

I’m a sweet boy who needs lots of room to run around and explore. A small cage won’t be good enough for me (or any hamster). After all, this will be my toilet, dining room, bedroom and gym!

I’m currently living in an old fish tank that’s perfect for me as it has a nice deep lining of substrate – compressed paper is better than sawdust as it’s softer and less dusty. There’s also lots of room for my house and enrichment activities such as climbing ropes, ladders, tunnels and even toilet roll tubes stuffed with tasty hay.

Watford Observer:

We’re not fussy eaters so a good quality hamster muesli with a little bit of fresh fruit or veg every so often is great. A bit of unsalted, unflavoured or unsweetened popcorn makes a tasty treat. A mineral stone is great for gnawing and will also give me essential minerals.

I don't mind being handled, as long as you wake me up gently and scoop me instead of just grabbing me - if you do that, I’ll get scared and bite! I’ll need to continue living on my own as that’s what I’m used to.

Watford Observer:

We dwarf hamsters are nocturnal and tend to live for between one and three years.

If you’re looking for a sweet little guy like me, then apply for me today! Email reception@nawt.org.uk or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) to arrange to meet.