Watford residents will decide which local groups get a share of the council’s Neighbourhood Grant funding pot.

Watford Borough Council has shared a list of 18 local initiatives, each eligible for a share of the grant money.

The grant totals £300,000 and is aimed at supporting groups to empower local communities.

Money is drawn from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), which is charged to developers responsible for new housing works.

Peter Taylor, Mayor of Watford, said: “These projects could make a real difference in our local community.

"We are thrilled to see such innovative and impactful proposals that aim to enhance our town and its sustainability.

"We encourage all residents to participate in the voting process to determine where this funding will make the most significant difference.”

Watford Observer: 18 local groups have been shortlisted for the grant18 local groups have been shortlisted for the grant (Image: Watford Borough Council)

In a bid to ensure community benefit from sustainable development, residents are invited to vote on the projects they believe could add genuine value to the town.

The shortlisted projects represent a wide array of community interests and endeavours.

One YMCA hopes to build an ICT Suite in Charter House for employment training at a cost of £30,000, while Safer Watford plans to enhance Victoria Passage for better town vitality and accessibility, needing £76,000 in funds.

Watford Community House has included the upgrading of a play space in Foxhill in their bid.

Other projects include Watford and Three Rivers Trust's intention to improve community facilities at The Barn, costing £17,676, as well as Watford Area Arts Forum's workshops on 'the planet' and recycling benefits at £3,000.

The Watford Gurdwara is calling for votes to help establish a phone box library offering books for free, costing £12,000.

Other projects include training programs, the development of a sensory space, boxing sessions for disadvantaged youth, and a defibrillator installation in a café, among others.

The council's decision to give residents voting rights ensures that funding will go to projects mirroring community aspirations and priorities.

A full list on shortlisted projects can be found on the council's website or you can email NCIL@watford.gov.uk.

Watford locals have until January 14 to cast their votes for the initiatives they support.