A Garston resident has warned pet owners after her dog was attacked by a fox in their garden.

Karly Poulton, 55, was left shocked after her pet Jack Russell, Jack, was chased and bitten at around 8am on Friday, December 22. 

She had just let the 14-year-old dog out into the garden off Sheepcot Lane when she heard barking and saw a fox approaching him.

Karly opened the door to let Jack in when the fox bit him several times on the tail, and said it even tried to get into the house after she closed the door. 

She said: “I was so shocked, I’ve never seen a fox going after a dog before," she said. "Who knows what would have happened if he had come into the house.”

Watford Observer: A video shows the fox sniffing at the door after attacking the Jack Russell.A video shows the fox sniffing at the door after attacking the Jack Russell. (Image: Karly Poulton)

She took Jack to the vet who examined his tail and found several puncture marks.

He was prescribed strong antibiotics and painkillers, and she says he hasn’t been the same since the attack.

Her dog has been sleeping a lot and Karly is concerned that he might have caught an illness from the bites.

Watford Observer: Jack, the Jack Russell, suffered several bite marks on his tail.Jack, the Jack Russell, suffered several bite marks on his tail. (Image: Karly Poulton)

Karly posted a warning on social media urging dog owners to be careful letting their dogs out.

Some people speculated that the fox might have been ill or injured after she posted a video showing the fox sniffing at the doorway.

One said they had seen a similar fox in Sheepcot Lane on Saturday, December 23, which was taken to the vets by another family after almost being hit by a car.

Another said their cat died after a fox attack despite a veterinary hospital's efforts, and warned pet owners "do not trust these animals around your furry ones".

Anyone who finds a sick or injured fox can contact various animal charities, such as the Foxangels Foundation, Moonstone Rescue service, or Pumpkin's Wildlife Hospital, to arrange to have it removed and rehabilitated.

According to guidance from the RSPCA, residents can deter foxes from entering gardens by removing shelter, such as blocking up areas under sheds, and removing access to any food sources by securing vegetable crops and compost bins.