Watford’s Conservative MP has responded to a poll that found 75 per cent of people believe things are worse now than in 2010.

A YouGov poll published yesterday (January 8) asked 2,079 UK adults whether they thought the conditions in the UK are currently better, worse, or the same as when the Tories came into power.

Three-quarters voted 'worse', 41 per cent said 'much worse', while seven per cent said 'better'. Thirteen per cent felt it was 'about the same', and 1 per cent said 'much better'.

In response, Watford's Dean Russell said the pandemic and war in Ukraine had created “unprecedented challenges” for the UK.

Mr Russell, who was elected in 2019, added: "In Watford I have been focussing on delivery. Thanks to the support of local residents, I have been successful in securing unprecedented investment."

He listed the funding commitment for the new Watford General Hospital, £5 million in funding to reduce rough sleeping, £16 million from the Levelling Up Fund for businesses, and Warner Bros Studios Leavesden’s expansion as achievements during his time in office.

“With this investment combined with halving of inflation last year and tax cuts this year, residents will feel the benefits in 2024,” Mr Russell added.

Watford Observer: Current Conservative MP Dean Russell.Current Conservative MP Dean Russell. (Image: UK Parliament)

Labour councillor for Holywell and parliamentary candidate Matt Turmaine said the Conservatives’ deserve to lose at the next general election due to their “shocking performance”. 

He said: “For the first time in living memory, people will go to the polls at the general election worse off than they were at the start of the parliament.” 

The candidate said that the level of inflation, the high cost of living, wage stagnation, and the record tax burden meant “it’s time for change with Labour”.

Watford Observer: Holywell Cllr Matt Turmaine is the Labour candidate for Watford.Holywell Cllr Matt Turmaine is the Labour candidate for Watford. (Image: Watford Borough Council)

The Liberal Democrats' candidate for MP, Ian Stotesbury, said: “There is no doubt that people are fed up with the direction of the country and want things to change.

"We’ve had years of incompetence, terrible decisions and dishonesty.”

He pointed to the cost of living crisis, the discovery of unsafe aerated concrete in schools, and the pressure on the NHS as consequences of the Conservatives’ time in power.

Watford Observer: Councillor for Callowland Ian Stotesbury is the Liberal Democrats candidate for the 2024 general election.Councillor for Callowland Ian Stotesbury is the Liberal Democrats candidate for the 2024 general election. (Image: Watford Borough Council)