Two PCSOs have carried out a series of activities at a primary school in a bid to "shape young people’s perspectives of the police".

Hertfordshire Police community support officers Neil Carter and Julie Day met Year 5 students from Little Reddings Primary School in Bushey, in a series of mini police sessions.

This duo, part of the Children and Young People team, educate nine to 11-year olds about community safety, offering children positive police interactions.

PCSO Neil Carter said: "We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Little Reddings Primary School.

"The students were extremely engaged and asked lots of questions, allowing us to educate them on different topics including road safety, anti-social behaviour, bullying and internet safety.

"I really enjoy my role as a PCSO because you have the opportunity to shape young people’s perspectives of the police for the better, enhancing our relationship with the local community."

The school expressed their appreciation for the PCSOs' efforts.

Andy Wells, Year 5 Teacher at Little Reddings Primary School, said: "We are extremely grateful for the opportunities Neil, Julie, and the team have provided our children with.

"They thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and the time spent with them, nurturing their learning with new experiences."