A new council lottery has raised £20,000 for 'local good causes' in Watford.

The Watford Community Lottery, established by Watford Borough Council in 2023, aims to provide a steady stream of funding for community initiatives and organisations.

Money from the lottery, garnered from the sale of tickets, supports a range of local efforts.

This includes clubs seeking to enhance their sports facilities, disability charities keen on broadening inclusive activities, and organisations focused on tackling homelessness.

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said: "When I stood for re-election in 2022, I said that I would set up a community lottery to benefit local good causes.

"I am so pleased about the success of the Watford Community Lottery.

"This would not have been possible without the fantastic support of residents who participate in the weekly draws.

"The whole premise was to bring people together, and reward local people for chipping in.

"By purchasing tickets, individuals not only have the chance to win cash prizes, but also contribute directly to fantastic local good causes that are making a positive difference in Watford."

The Watford Community Lottery has also managed to allocate in excess of £5,000 for the Watford Community Fund.

This provides support to all charities in the town by way of a separate grant scheme.

Among the local organisations to have benefited are the Pump House Theatre and Everett Rovers Football Club.

Lee Farman, chair of the Pump House Theatre and Arts Trust, said: "The council's community grants programme and their overall support have been invaluable to us.

"They are helping to ensure the future of our historic Victorian building, make the venue greener, and provide new and more accessible facilities for events and performers of all ages.

"The lottery enhances the support we have received, and we expect to raise over £1,000 at the end of the year."

Wayne Frost, club treasurer of Everett Rovers, said: "The council supported our new 3G artificial grass pitch last year via the Neighbourhood Grant, and the lottery funds will further elevate our offer.

"With 30 teams, including men’s, women’s, and youth divisions, we know the vital role of sports and physical activity in the community.

"The fundraising, which is over £700 so far, is helping to extend the club's outreach to a broader range of community groups."

Residents eager to support the community can register for weekly draws on The Watford Community Lottery website.

The initiative rewards its participants by offering a chance to secure cash prizes, while simultaneously knowing they're contributing to community projects.