Hello, my name’s River and I’m a ten-month-old male German Shepherd cross who’s looking for a new home.

I came into the National Animal Welfare Trust in July as a stray, but I’ve spent some time in a foster home where I was a very good boy!

The team here noticed signs of me being in pain, so they sent me for x-rays, which showed I have mild hip dysplasia. I’m on inexpensive paracetamol and restricted exercise until I’m fully grown and my joints are well developed.

Watford Observer: River

Despite this, I’m a happy and sweet young lad who loves being fussed and having treats. That’s great as I need lots of training to teach me manners! At the moment I’m a bit jumpy when I greet people and can pull on the lead but reward-based training will teach me how to behave.

I can live with older children who wouldn't be knocked over by me being my bouncy puppy self! I’m quite big already, with more growing to do, and I’d hate to accidentally hurt someone. I could also live with another dog, as long as we got on well here at the centre and during a home visit. I can't live with cats though, as I’d want to chase them!

Watford Observer: River

Being so young, I’m not used to being left on my own. I’ll need there to be someone around all of the time to begin with but when I’ve settled in they could start to teach me how to cope being left alone using kind and gradual methods.

If you’re looking for a happy young lad like me, apply for me today! Email reception@nawt.org.uk or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2).