Hello everyone, my name is Jerry, and this is my lovely brother Tom. We’re a pair of 12-year-old boys who are really excited to find a new home that we can go to!

We came to the National Animal Welfare Trust four months ago when our owners moved and couldn’t take us with. We’re currently living in a foster home, so we aren't available to see at the centre.

I’m the more confident of the two of us and I love to come over and say hello to people. Tom is quite a shy lad, and prefers to hide away until he trusts someone, at which point he loves chin tickles! We’re very well bonded and can often be found sleeping near each other.

Watford Observer: Tom and Jerry

We can live with older children who’d respect our space and go slowly with us, particularly Tom. We don't want to live with any other cats but a cat-savvy dog would be okay. We’d need to be introduced slowly and carefully though.

 Watford Observer: Tom and Jerry

When we’ve settled in, we’ll need outdoor access. We’re used to living near quiet roads and going in and out via the door rather than a cat flap. (We tried a cat flap once but we couldn't quite get the hang of it!)

If you’re looking for a gorgeous pair of boys like us, then apply for us today! Call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) or email reception@nawt.org.uk.