Watford Borough Council has declared its formal endorsement of the Hertfordshire Development Quality Charter.

The council's endorsement cements its commitment to uphold only the highest standards of 'quality and sustainability' in new developments throughout the town, led by local authorities.

This approach is designed to set a new benchmark for excellence so that residents can enjoy 'thoughtfully designed spaces to live, work, and visit'.

The council aims to meet the design and sustainability pledges detailed in the charter.

Thanks to the town's award-winning Local Plan, several objectives have already been achieved.

The council's commitment to the charter's principles is 'exemplified' by its recent success on the Riverside Road project.

Led by the council and designed by Bell Phillips Architects, the project comprised five affordable family homes.

This commitment to quality and sustainability resulted in the project securing the Richard Feilden Award in the Housing Design Awards for the best social housing scheme in the UK.

Watford mayor Peter Taylor said: "By signing up to the Hertfordshire Development Quality Charter, the council reaffirms its commitment to high quality and sustainable communities.

"We want to not only meet the needs of the present, but also contribute to the well-being of future generations.

"The charter demonstrates our determination to work with stakeholders, architects, and the local residents to bring forward projects that serve the community.

"We want to protect and enhance the local environment and make sure that new homes are built to a high standard."

Cllr Richard Roberts, leader of Hertfordshire County Council and chair of Hertfordshire Growth Board, said: "From building new homes and protecting green spaces to growing our economy while cutting carbon emissions, Hertfordshire is perfectly placed to lead the way on sustainable place-making.

"Consistently delivering high-quality new homes and buildings which meet the latest environmental standards is vital to achieving this ambition which is why the launch of Hertfordshire’s new Development Quality Charter is so important.

“It will set the benchmark for quality and sustainability for new developments across the county and ensure residents benefit from well-designed places to live, work and visit.

“Launching this new charter at the Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Development Board is symbolic of the deep partnership between the development sector and local government which will enable its principles to be literally built into the fabric of our communities."

For more information on the charter, visit hidb.co.uk/new-development-quality-charter-for-hertfordshire/.