This quiet scene offers a glimpse of how a side road leading off what is now one of Watford’s busiest routes looked in the past.

The Watford Observer is delighted to share pictures from the archive at Watford Museum and this week we recall this view of Cromer Road.

The museum’s volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: “Cromer Road is one of the side roads off St Albans Road.

“Some of the houses along this road were built as early as 1902 - the council officially adopted the road in 1903 - but some did not go up until 1913.

Watford Observer: How Cromer Road looked in 2019How Cromer Road looked in 2019 (Image: Google Street View)

“This scene dates to the 1930s with just a few cars and a motorcycle with side car.

“A little girl is bravely walking on stilts along the pavement although the surface seems more even than it is today.”

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