Hi there! My name’s Malteser and these are my friends Donut, Brioche and Galaxy. We’re a group of four girl guinea pigs ranging from one to three years old looking for homes, either in pairs or a group. We came to the National Animal Welfare Trust a month ago when our owners had a change of circumstances.

We’re lovely girls who enjoy spending time together munching on fresh herbs and hay. We can be a bit shy sometimes, but are slowly becoming more confident here, so we’ll definitely be squeaking the house down in our new home!

We can live with children of any age but all handling must be supervised by an adult and we prefer to be cuddled on our level as we’re scared of heights.

Watford Observer: DonutDonut

Sociable and chatty, we guinea pigs can be active for 20 hours a day, only sleeping for short periods. We typically live for five or six years but sometimes longer.

Watford Observer: BriocheBrioche

We currently live inside and will need to stay as indoor pigs until the weather improves, but then could slowly be transitioned to living outside. We could potentially live with other guinea pigs, either females or a neutered male, but would then need bigger accommodation. The four of us need a hutch measuring 6ft x 2ft but any more pigs will increase the minimum size required.

Watford Observer: GalaxyGalaxy

If you’re looking for a sweet group of girls, apply for us today! Email reception@nawt.org.uk or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2).