Watford is home to the slowest and most delayed major road in Hertfordshire.

It was revealed that each car on Merton Road/A4178 near the town centre was delayed by more than two minutes, or 129.7 seconds, for each mile travelled on it last year.

Figures also showed the road was the slowest ‘A’ road in the county with an average speed of just 11.6 miles per hour.

The latest data on ‘A’ road average speeds and delays up to December 2023 was released by the Department for Transport.

It put the town centre thoroughfare well above the average time lost for major roads across the county, which was 47.3 seconds per car per mile.

Three other main roads in the Watford area saw higher than average delays, according to figures published on Thursday, March 7.

Drivers on the A4140 between Stanmore and Bushey Heath, the A412 west of Watford and the A405 leaving the town via Garston lost 103, 80.6 and 50.6 seconds each mile.

In comparison, the A41 was one of the fastest in the county with an average speed of 42 mph and an average delay of 21.7 mph.

It was beaten to the top spot by the A10, which saw average speeds of 44.3 mph and delays of just 16.5 seconds.