A Men's Shed, designed to champion men's mental health, has opened inside Parliament as the MP for Watford pledges his support to the initiative.

The scheme by the UK Men’s Shed Association (UKMSA) aims to provide a shared space for making, repairing, and repurposing items, supporting community projects.

A staggering 76 per cent of people reportedly feel less anxious after joining a Men’s Shed and around 13,500 families across the UK are currently benefiting from the initiative.

Conservative MP, Mr Russell, mental health advocate who visited The Shed, said: "I enjoyed speaking to the team at Men’s Shed to learn about their valuable work on suicide prevention, mental health and loneliness.

"There are a few ‘Sheds’ around Watford but I hope to see one in our town soon as they have proven to be a lifeline for so many people."

The initiative tackles concerns related to loneliness and isolation, which have been identified as serious health risks, comparable to obesity and excessive smoking.

By offering men a place to meet others and express their worries, these sheds help counteract isolation.

Charlie Bethel, the chief executive officer, said: “Men’s Sheds work because they are a simple concept people can relate to.

"Whether it is using sheds to build bird boxes or fix bikes you can see a real pride and sense of achievement in everyone who comes through the door of a Shed."

In March the Royal British Legion announced its formal alliance with Men’s Sheds to boost both groups’ efforts to aid veterans.

There are plans to launch Dementia Sheds at their six care homes.