Plans to make a Kings Langley road one-way have been scrapped after residents narrowly backed the existing layout.

There was a consultation in October on proposals to limit Vicarage Lane to eastbound traffic between the Five Acres and Marwood Close to reduce “driver frustration and conflict”.

Hertfordshire County Council said the road was “especially narrow” and drivers are unable to pull to the side after meeting “head-to-head”, causing delays and damage to vehicles.

In a letter on March 18, the council revealed that 52.7 per cent of around 300 respondents preferred to keep the road open both ways, while 62.7 per cent disagreed with introducing a cycle route in the opposite direction.

The plans would have kept traffic open in two directions on either end of the proposed one-way section, which residents were mostly in favour of at 80.1 per cent.

Watford Observer: The council said the road was especially narrow causing delays and damage to vehicles.The council said the road was especially narrow causing delays and damage to vehicles. (Image: Google Street View)According to the letter, some residents worried it could negatively affect traffic on surrounding roads, while others suggested introducing weight restrictions or a 20 mph speed limit instead.

The result was met with some criticism online as one resident commented: “Well done NIMBYs, you have sentenced your neighbours on Vicarage Lane to continued daily chaos, damage to cars and dangerous crossing to save yourself from 'possible' changes to the traffic on your roads. How selfish.”