A happy Easter weekend to you and spare a thought for those Watford workers whose jobs means they don’t get a four-day break.

Easter began early for Conservative MPs after the Government hatched a plan to send its MP away from Westminster early to stop dissent and plotting.

Since I last wrote, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak – yes he’s still there – decided against calling a General Election in May. He bottled it.

This zombie government which has effectively given up, staggers on. We’ll have to wait a little longer for judgement day, although for Rishi, it may yet not come at a time of his choosing.

May’s local elections promise to be an unmitigated disaster for the tired Tories with another cull of councillors coming up, although as they’re already wiped out from Watford council it can’t get worse here! What ramifications will there be for the beleaguered PM?

The Government, in its death throes, desperately clutches at straws. It trumpets food inflation at 5 per cent as somehow a bit of a win but fails to mention that it’s inflation on top of 20 per cent inflation last year, hoping nobody will notice. Household budgets tell their own story, as do Watford residents I speak to.

So, what will happen? Disgruntled Tory MPs conspire to foist yet another unelected disastrous Prime Minister upon us. He delays further while the boats keep coming this summer, or will he limp on until January 2025?

I know Labour is ready to give our country the change it needs. At the last General Election in 2019, the result in Watford was Conservative: 26,421, Labour 21,988 and the Liberal Democrats third, way behind, with 9,323 votes. Clearly, only I can beat Rishi Sunak’s Conservative candidate here.

  • Matt Turmaine is Labour's Parliamentary candidate for Watford