A new “fully automated” storage facility is set to open at the former Cottage Linen Factory in Watford.

Storex Self Storage will launch at 3 Rhodes Way on April 13 offering a keyless way to store belongings using just an app and QR codes.

The facility will be “very highly secured”, according to Storex manager Raja Johal, as each storage space is individually alarmed and customers will only be allowed to visit the level of their unit to prevent break-ins.

Watford Observer: Outside the new Storex facility.Outside the new Storex facility. (Image: Storex)

Although staff will be on hand to help in the first few weeks, customers will be able to register for a unit, visit the building and deposit their possessions just by using the app.

Mr Johal said: “It’s an amazing thing. I’ve worked for storage companies for so many years and I’ve never seen something like this before.

Watford Observer: Each unit in the keyless facility will be individually alarmed to prevent break-ins.Each unit in the keyless facility will be individually alarmed to prevent break-ins. (Image: Storex)“The great thing is you can do it all from home. You don’t have to come in and see somebody to get set up.”

Other locations are planned for Cricklewood in London, Brentwood and Sunbury later this year.

The former Cottage Linen Factory site was cleared following a fire in 2018, before a planning application for the new venture was accepted in April 2023.