More men pass their driving test in Watford than women, although they are still worse off in the theory exam.

Figures show that 49.2 per cent of the 6,015 tests by male drivers at test centre in Otterspool Way in 2023 were successful, according to new data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Meanwhile, 48.7 per cent of the 3,942 exams taken by women were passed in the same period.

It means the gender gap in pass rates has narrowed since 2019 when 46.7 per cent of women passed at the centre compared to 50 per cent of men.

However, Watford women still proved better in the theory exam as they had a pass rate of 49.9 per cent while 45 per cent of tests taken by men were successful.

It reflects the national picture where this stood at 46.8 per cent and 43.5 per cent respectively

The overall pass rate at Watford Test Centre for 2023 was 49 per cent or about the same as four years before, which is higher than the average rate across Great Britain at 48.2 per cent.