Hello there, my name is Ronnie and this is my new lady friend, Lily!

I’m a one-year-old male Angora rabbit and Lily is a six-year-old female Netherland Dwarf and we’re looking for a new home together. I came to the National Animal Welfare Trust as a stray and am so happy to have found my life partner here.

We’ve both previously been indoor rabbits but at the moment we’re living outside in a sheltered area with some heating, so we can live inside or in a similar set up in our new home. We’ll need access to an area of 3m x 2m so we can binky around to our hearts’ content.

Watford Observer: LilyLily (Image: NAWT)

We can live with children of any age but an adult must take responsibility for making sure we’re well looked-after as we rabbits can be quite sensitive and need specialist care. We’ll need to be housed securely away from any other pets in the home and we can’t live with other rabbits as our bond is very new and fragile.

Watford Observer: RonnieRonnie (Image: NAWT)

As I’m an Angora rabbit, I need lots of regular grooming to keep my coat in good condition. If this isn't done, I would quickly become matted and uncomfortable. Luckily, Lily is more low maintenance as she is short haired.

Watford Observer: LilyLily (Image: NAWT)

If you’re looking for a lovely couple like us, then apply for us today! Email reception@nawt.org.uk or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) to arrange to meet us.