Watford's 'Door-to-Store Shopper Bus Service' has achieved more than 100 bookings since its January launch.

The scheme, administered by the non-profit organisation Communities 1st and Watford Borough Council, was introduced in a bid to aid residents struggling with conventional transport methods.

The initiative aims to improve the mobility of residents, particularly for those who struggle with accessibility or independence - a situation which can make routine tasks challenging.

People using the service have praised its practicality and usefulness.

Mrs Thompson, Watford resident, said: "The Door-to-Store Shopper Bus Service has become an essential part of our weekly routine.

"It's incredibly convenient and helps us immensely, especially with mobility issues.

"The drivers are always courteous and accommodating."

Another user, Mr Patel, said: "This service has been a game-changer for me.

"It's given me the freedom to run errands independently and stay connected with my community.

"Before, I relied on others for rides, which was inconvenient.

"Now, I can schedule trips on my own terms, and the friendly atmosphere on the bus makes every outing enjoyable.

"It's a lifeline for those of us who cherish our independence."

The service, which can cost as little as £6 for a return journey, can be booked up to three months in advance.

There's a discounted rate for block bookings of four or more trips if paid for online or over the phone.

This form of public transport is designed to support those experiencing mobility issues, social anxiety or other vulnerabilities.

Stephen Craker, CEO of Communities 1st, said: "The Door-to-Store Shopper Bus Service has made a tangible impact in the community, particularly among seniors and individuals with mobility limitations.

"Our mission is to enhance residents' wellbeing, and we look forward to further collaboration to ensure its continued accessibility."

More details can be obtained at communities1st.org.uk/watford-shopper.