Video has been released of destruction wreaked at a Watford home after it was struck by lightning and caught fire.

No one was hurt during the incident at around 5am yesterday (May 2) in Cassiobury Drive, but a neighbour said it "destroyed the whole top floor". 

Herts Fire and Rescue have since posted footage showing charred furniture, rubble strewn and the devastated roof. The only part that appears relatively unscathed is a large TV on the wall.

At the time, a neighbour told the Watford Observer they heard a "massive bang" and thought it was very close to their home, before realising next door had smoke billowing from the roof.

Recalling watching on outside, they said: "Then all of a sudden the thing burst into flames. The flames shot through the centre of the roof.

"As luck would have it the fire engine turned up, got a hose on it and controlled it. Eventually a cherry picker came and they got on top to get closer to it. All a bit dramatic."

Watford Observer: Destruction caused by the lightning strike and fire at a Watford home.

Herts Fire and Rescue's watch commander from the Watford station, Mark Woodward, said: “Our crews were faced with a fairly substantial fire in the roof. We sent in two teams in breathing apparatus to attack the fire from inside the building, and they were able to successfully stop the fire before it spread too far.

Watford Observer: The devastated roof.The devastated roof. (Image: Herts Fire and Rescue)

"Fortunately a passerby had alerted the residents to the fire and everyone was safely out of the building when we arrived at the scene.

"From talking to the residents and looking at the pattern of the fire, we believe the fire was started by a lightning strike.”

Watford Observer: A fire erupted through the roof after the lightning strike.A fire erupted through the roof after the lightning strike. (Image: Submitted)

Watford Observer: Fire crews working at the scene.Fire crews working at the scene. (Image: Submitted)

Watford Observer: The damaged roof.The damaged roof. (Image: Submitted)