Martin and Roman Kemp are often spotted on their sofa taking part in Celebrity Gogglebox on Channel 4.

But now in a recent episode of the duo’s new podcast F**! My Dad Is Martin Kemp, the pair discussed the topic of death.

During the segment, the Spandau Ballet star revealed to his son how much longer he believes he has left to live following a brain tumour diagnosis in the early 1990s.

When asked the question, he responded: “10 years, I don’t know!"

Martin Kemp said ‘I spent two years of my life thinking I was going to die’

Reflecting on his previous health “scare”, he explained: "But I was the age of 34 when I went through all that brain tumour scare and I went through two years of my life thinking I was going to die.

"Every day, every year every month that I’ve lived has been a bonus. When I was 34 and I went through that brain tumour stuff, I was practically resigned to the fact I was gonna die."

He added: "But I was quite happy, because I’d lived the most incredible experiences. I lived through the 80s in a rock band, the people I met, the things I’d done. When I was 17 I was flying around Europe on jets drinking champagne at 7am."

Martin continued to say: "When I thought I was going to die I thought, you know what I’m quite happy. And that was back then, so every year that I live, every month that I’m alive now is a bonus."

After his diagnosis, Martin received treatment such as radiotherapy and surgery.

However, although the operation went well, he continues to combat epilepsy, which is a side-effect from the procedure and therefore now takes medication, according to The Mirror.

Has Martin Kemp been in EastEnders?

It was around this time he was offered a role in EastEnders as Steve Owen which he saw as an opportunity to “get his life back together” despite what those around him thought.

Speaking on the Dish podcast in 2022, he said: "Everybody around me was saying, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it. It’s going to ruin your career, don’t do it’.”

"Well because they hadn’t had any name actors in that show before, right? Everybody had grown up with EastEnders, so I was kind of the first one of those name actors to go in."

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Martin added: “My brain still wasn’t working properly from the operation. To the point where sometimes if I wanted to walk left, I would walk right, or like I couldn’t think about putting things in order, or anything like that. Learning lines was just way out there.

"When EastEnders was offered to me it was a chance for me to get over it, so it wasn’t just me taking EastEnders on because I thought yeah, it was a good gig - it was me trying to get my life back together."

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