You never know when someone’s heart might stop beating – it could be when you’re walking down the street or in your local supermarket.

Defibrillators can be lifesaving for someone who is in cardiac arrest as the device gives a high energy shock to the heart when it has stopped beating normally.

It works by checking the person’s heart rhythm once the defibrillator pads are placed on their chest and giving them a shock if needed, reports St John Ambulance.

The first aid charity adds: “By using a defibrillator before an ambulance arrives, you can significantly increase someone’s chance of survival.”

They are becoming increasingly more common in our communities and can often be found in workplaces, schools, public libraries, shopping centres and more.

But where can you find your nearest defibrillator?

How to find your nearest defibrillator

It can be handy to know where your local defibrillator is in case of an emergency so you can get to the location as soon as possible.

Defib Finder provides up to date information on defibrillator locations across the UK, using data from The Circuit, the national defibrillator network.

You can view the Defib Finder map here - enter your location to find the nearest defibrillators to you.

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Simply click on the defibrillator icons for further information, such as availability, access information and directions.

It’s important to note that you should always dial 999 immediately in an emergency, as operators will direct you to your nearest defibrillator.

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Defib Finder adds: “Please note, we are still working hard to populate The Circuit with the data on the tens of thousands of defibrillators across the UK, by asking guardians to register.

“This means that Defib Finder will only be able to show you your nearest defibrillator that is registered on The Circuit and where we have been given permission to share the data. 

“This will be subject to change as more defibrillators are registered on The Circuit.”