It has been another busy week for planners in Watford, Three Rivers, Dacorum and Hertsmere with dozens more new planning applications submitted.

Every week the Watford Observer publishes an extensive list of applications in the four areas so readers can see if there are any new developments planned near where they live.

This list includes those applications validated by Watford, Three Rivers and Dacorum councils in the week beginning May 13, plus those applications related to Aldenham, Bushey, Radlett and Watford submitted to Hertsmere Borough Council in the week ending May 12.


  • 35 Bucks Avenue Watford WD19 4AR. Details submitted for Condition 3 (Highways), Condition 4 (Hard and Soft Landscaping) Condition 5 (Bin Storage) pursuant to planning permission 20/00772/FUL. Ref. No: 24/00466/DISCON
  • 47 Upper Paddock Road Watford WD19 4DY. Works to trees in a Conservation area - 1. Pyracantha - remove the bush. 2. Weeping birch tree - felling of the tree. 3. Leylandi hedge approx 10 metres - felling. Ref. No: 24/00461/TCA
  • 56 Oxhey Road Watford WD19 4QQ. Retrospective application for change of use of the existing garage to a hair salon. Ref. No: 24/00463/FUL
  • 27 Parkside Drive Watford WD17 3AS. Installation of a 12kw air source heat pump in the garden to the rear of the property. Ref. No: 24/00458/FULH
  • 21 Elizabeth House Exeter Close Watford WD24 4RE. Installation of extractor fan to existing bathroom. Ref. No: 24/00454/FUL
  • 63 Swiss Avenue Watford WD18 7LL. Erection of a ground floor rear extension, part first floor extension, alteration to roof with two roof windows (balcony type) at the rear side and three velux roof windows at the front to convert loft into a habitable room. Ref. No: 24/00456/FULH
  • 113 Estcourt Road Watford WD17 2PY. Restoration of existing wooden sash windows back to original condition including replacement of exisiting single glazed glass with Landvac vacuum glass. Ref. No: 24/00452/FULH
  • 103 -114 Courtlands Close Watford WD24 5GX. Provision of new bin and cycle storage at 103-114 Courtlands Close. Ref. No: 24/00448/FUL
  • 73-84 Courtlands Close Watford WD24 5GN. Provision of new bin and cycle storage at 73-84 Courtlands Close. Ref. No: 24/00447/FUL
  • 90 Woodmere Avenue Watford WD24 7LW. The erection of a single storey rear extension which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 6.00m for which the maximum height would be 2.70m and for which the height of the eaves would be 2.70m. Ref. No: 24/00453/HPD
  • 220 Hempstead Road Watford WD17 4LL. 5 DAY NOTICE - Works to tree/s under TPO.No. 206 - T6: Cypress. Tree has lifted and is at risk of failing into neighbouring property. N.B. Nick ( tree officer ) has already been out to assess this tree and has agreed on removal. Ref. No: 24/00450/TPO
  • 6 Almond Close Watford WD24 5FT. Lawful Development Certificate for installation of a single story timber clad garden building to be used as a home office. Ref. No: 24/00449/LDC
  • 22B Cedar Road Watford WD19 4QW. Removal of internal wall, chimney breast and garage door, demolition and replacement of existing porch and installation of window and bi-fold door. Ref. No: 24/00441/FULH
  • The Old Courtyard 39C Queens Avenue Watford WD18 7NU. Retrospective planning application for conversion of former office / storage room into residential accommodation. Ref. No: 24/00438/FUL
  • 76 King Georges Avenue Watford WD18 7QD. Erection of two storey rear and side extension. Ref. No: 24/00439/FULH
  • 185 Whippendell Road Watford WD18 7NN. The erection of a single storey rear extension which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 6m for which the maximum height would be 4m and for which the height of the eaves would be 3m. Ref. No: 24/00433/HPD
  • 338-344A St Albans Road Watford WD24 6PQ. Variation of condition 2 of planning permission 24/00190/FUL to amend the proposed drawings by enlarging the pitched roof. Ref. No: 24/00432/VAR
  • Rear Of 821 St Albans Road Watford WD25 0LE. Retrospective Change of Use of Land from residential garden land and retention of mobile tyre business (sui generis). Ref. No: 24/00367/FUL


  • 36 The Fairway Northwood HA6 3DY. Prior Approval: Single storey rear extension (depth 8.0 metres, maximum height 3.0 metres, maximum eaves height 2.70 metres). Ref. No: 24/0776/PDE
  • 14 Richmond Way Croxley Green Rickmansworth WD3 3SE. Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed Development: Loft conversion including hip to gable roof extension, with rear dormer and front rooflights. Ref. No: 24/0769/CLPD
  • Killingdown Farm Little Green Lane Croxley Green Rickmansworth WD3 3JJ. Discharge of Condition 11 (Off Site Highway Improvements) pursuant to planning permission 23/1798/FUL. Ref. No: 24/0774/DIS
  • Santosh House 6 Pembroke Road Moor Park Northwood HA6 2HR. Partial Discharge of Conditions 3 (Construction Method Statement) pursuant to planning permission 23/1694/FUL. Ref. No: 24/0767/DIS
  • 8 Pevensey Way Croxley Green Rickmansworth WD3 3FX. Construction of single storey rear extension. Ref. No: 24/0771/FUL
  • 6 Holbein Gate Northwood HA6 3SH. Retrospective: Installation of rooflight and alterations to fenestration. Ref. No: 24/0763/RSP
  • 2 Heathside Road Moor Park Northwood HA6 2EF. Construction of single storey front and rear extension; first floor side and rear extension; conversion of garage into habitable accommodation and loft conversion including rear dormer and side/rear rooflights. Ref. No: 24/0751/FUL
  • 13 Rosemarie Close Leavesden Watford WD25 7NP. Construction of single storey rear extension and conversion of garage into habitable accommodation. Ref. No: 24/0733/FUL
  • 35 Upper Hill Rise Rickmansworth WD3 7NU. Variation of Condition 2 (plan numbers) pursuant to 14/0803/FUL (single storey rear extension) to allow for alterations to the roof form. Ref. No: 24/0736/FUL
  • 5 Temple Gardens Moor Park Rickmansworth WD3 1QJ. Construction of single storey rear extension; internal alterations and alterations to fenestration. Ref. No: 24/0651/FUL


  • KFC 130 - 134 Marlowes Hemel Hempstead HP1 1EZ. 1no internally illuminated KFC letters, 1no flex face Colonel's logo box & 1no projecting sign. Ref. No: 24/01094/ADV
  • 32A Rucklers Lane Kings Langley WD4 8AU. Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of 1x two bedroom replacement dwelling and 1x four bedroom dwelling. Ref. No: 24/01089/FUL
  • Frenches Farm Stables Tower Hill Chipperfield Kings Langley WD4 9LN. Construction of stables and extension to menage. Ref. No: 24/01090/FUL
  • The Orchard Cross Oak Road Berkhamsted HP4 3JB. Single storey side and rear extension following approval 23/02745/FHA. Ref. No: 24/01079/FHA
  • 9 Deans Furlong Tring HP23 4AR. Single storey rear extension, part side/rear first floor extension, garage conversion and replacement fenestration. Ref. No: 24/01080/FHA
  • 43 Ellesmere Road Berkhamsted HP4 2EU. Fell and works to trees. Ref. No: 24/01078/TCA
  • 12 Glebe Close Hemel Hempstead HP3 9PA. Garage conversion and change of use of existing dwelling house from C3 (dwelling house) to C3(b) (Childrens Home). Ref. No: 24/01077/FUL
  • Highlands Kings Road Berkhamsted HP4 3BP. Non material amendment attached to planning permission 20/00964/FUL (Construction of detached dwelling) allowed on appeal APP/A1910/W/20/3256852. Ref. No: 24/01069/NMA
  • 87A Sunnyhill Road Hemel Hempstead HP1 1TA. Garden works including formation of terracing with use of steps, planters and retaining walls to form grassed and paved areas. Ref. No: 24/01075/FHA
  • 9 New Park Drive Hemel Hempstead HP2 4QQ. Removal of condition 3 (Hard & Soft Landscaping) and condition 7 (Sustainability Measures) attached to planning permission 23/00440/FUL (Construction of a 1 bedroom, two storey dwelling and associated landscaping). Ref. No: 24/01087/ROC
  • Little Stocks Stocks Road Aldbury Tring HP23 5RX. Construction of roof with new dome rooflight, new plant room, external sprial staircase, 3 no. replacement doors and 1 no. new door in place of existing window. Ref. No: 24/01076/FHA
  • Steam House 13 Chapel Street Tring HP23 6BL. Replacing UPVC windows with Wooden Box Sash windows. Ref. No: 24/01065/FHA
  • Bay Tree 80 Scatterdells Lane Chipperfield Kings Langley WD4 9EX. Construction of a front elevation dormer and replacement of existing dormer with rooflights. Ref. No: 24/01074/FHA
  • Spencer's Park Phase 2 Land Between Three Cherry Trees Lane And Cherry Tree Lane Hemel Hempstead. Details required by Conditions 8 (Landscape Management Plan) and 20 (Travel Plan) attached to planning permission 4/02539/16/MOA (Outline planning application to include up to 600 dwellings (c3), land for primary school (d1), land for local centre uses (a1,a3,a4,a5,d1,d2), land for up to 7,500 square metres of employment uses (b1,b2,b8), landscaping, open space and play areas, associated infrastructure, drainage and ancillary works, new roundabout access off three cherry trees lane, new priority junction off three cherry trees lane, new vehicular access to spencer's park phase 1 and an emergency access to the employent land off cherry tree lane. Detailed approval is sought for access arrangement only, with all other matters reserved). Ref. No: 24/01073/DRC
  • Orbital House Park View Road Berkhamsted HP4 3EY. The application seeks a Lawful Development Certificate to confirm that the lawful use of the unit is Use Class E., it is proposed to convert the property for dentistry. Ref. No: 24/01070/LDP
  • Wenzels The Bakers 26 High Street Kings Langley WD4 8BH. Replacement signage. Ref. No: 24/01057/ADV
  • Wenzels The Bakers 26 High Street Kings Langley WD4 8BH. New Fascia and projecting sign. Ref. No: 24/01056/RET
  • 1 Frogmore Street Tring HP23 5AU. Installation of ASHU unit on Frogmore Street elevation. Ref. No: 24/01066/FUL
  • Woodfield House Ivy House Lane Berkhamsted HP4 2PP. Works to tree. Ref. No: 24/01058/TPO
  • Telford House Corner Hall Hemel Hempstead HP3 9HN. Construction of 34 new flats through conversion and extension of an existing office building. Change of use from commercial (offices) to residential (dwellinghouse). Construction of two-storey extension in place of existing pitched roof and landscaping works to the surrounding car park. Ref. No: 24/01011/MFA


  • The Bothy 1, Kendal Hall, Watling Street, Radlett, WD7 7LH. Application for variation of cConstruction of single storey rear extension and conversion of garage into habitable accommodation.ondition 02 to allow for additional storey and amended design to house 1 following grant of planning permission 21/1054/FUL. Ref. No: 24/0589/VOC
  • The Cat & Fiddle , 14 Cobden Hill, Radlett, WD7 7JR. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 7 (Arboricultural method statement) and 9 (Noise assessment) of planning permission reference 23/0440/FUL. Ref. No: 24/0604/DOC
  • 23 Gills Hill Lane, Radlett, WD7 8DE. Demolition of existing detached garage and conservatory. Construction of two storey rear extension, single storey front extension with front porch, single storey side extension with 4x rooflights and alterations to fenestration. Conversion of loft to habitable space with hip to gable roof alterations to include an increase in ridge height, side dormer with 4x rooflights and chimney stack removal. Associated hard and soft landscaping works. Ref. No: 24/0575/HSE
  • Elstree Aerodrome, Hogg Lane, Elstree, Borehamwood, WD6 3AW. Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 (Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment) of planning permission reference 22/2127/FUL. Ref. No: 24/0585/DOC
  • 61 High Street, Bushey, WD23 1BL. Erection of detached three storey 4x bed dwelling including accommodation at loft level following subdivision of plot at 61 High Street. Ref. No: 24/0199/FUL
  • 61 High Street, Bushey, WD23 1BL. Two storey rear extension and conversion of loft to habitable space with rear dormer and front roof light. Ref. No: 24/0203/HSE
  • The Royal Oak, 42 Sparrows Herne, Bushey, WD23 1FU. Application for approval of details reserved by condition 5 (contaminated land assessment) of planning permission reference 19/0357/FUL. Ref. No: 24/0576/DOC
  • 10 Wayside Avenue, Bushey, WD23 4SQ. Demolition of detached garage and re-roofing of existing porch. Single storey side and rear extension to include 2x rooflights, alterations to fenestration and removal of chimney stack. Ref. No: 24/0582/HSE
  • 13 Catsey Lane, Bushey, WD23 4HT. Single storey rear extension Depth: 3.50m, Height: 3.50m, Eaves: 3.00m. Ref. No: 24/0603/PD42
  • 37 Oundle Avenue, Bushey, WD23 4QG. Siting of mobile home in the garden to be used as ancillary living accommodation. Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed). Ref. No: 24/0606/CLP
  • 144 - 146 High Street, Bushey, WD23 3DH. Change of use of upper floor (ancillary Class E floorspace) to create 2 dwellings. Ref. No: 24/0592/PD56M
  • 149 Herkomer Road, Bushey, WD23 3LH. Single storey rear and side extension, raising of existing garage roof & associated alterations to raised patio in garden. Ref. No: 24/0605/HSE
  • 4 Bourne Road, Bushey, WD23 3NH. Single storey side and rear wraparound extension. Ref. No: 24/0607/HSE
  • Little Reddings Primary School , Reddings Avenue, Bushey, WD23 3PR. Application for approval of details reserved by condition 30 (Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan) of planning permission reference 22/2040/KPSID. Ref. No: 24/0609/DOC