The sign outside the butchers is advertising the price of a pound of sausages or spare ribs while a child waits outside in a pushchair in a scene captured outside a row of shops in Watford.

The Watford Observer is delighted to share pictures from the archive at Watford Museum and this week we look back at this image taken in St Albans Road.

The museum’s volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: “This stretch of shops in St Albans Road between Salisbury Road and Hatfield Road will look familiar to those who know this part of Watford.

“This photo was taken in 1987 and almost all the shops have changed hands several times since then.

Watford Observer: How those shops looked in March 2021How those shops looked in March 2021 (Image: Google Street View)

“At the time of this photo, there was the butchers, a babywear shop, Comerford glass merchants a travel agency and Palmers men's outfitters.

“Two businesses remain Kimberley Jewellers and M K Ginder & Sons.”

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