Hertfordshire Police have added 11 people to their wanted list last month, including a former Watford man jailed for drug dealing.

A 37-year-old man accused of stealing £125 worth of vodka and whiskey, and a 22-year-old man charged with supplying Class A drugs were also wanted by officers in May.

Anyone with potential information on their whereabouts has been asked to contact the force via 101 or their website using the individual reference number.

Read the full list:

Ashley Mansaram

Former Watford man Ashley Mansaram is wanted on recall to prison after he was jailed in 2020 for drug dealing.

The 37-year-old, previously of Hillingdon Road, was sentenced to five years in prison after he was found guilty of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs, namely heroin and cocaine.

Mansaram is known to frequent Hertfordshire and London.

Crime reference: 41/10109/24

Watford Observer: Ashley MansaramAshley Mansaram (Image: Hertfordshire Police)

Tyler Jones

Hertfordshire Police are searching for Tyler Jones after he failed to attend St Albans Magistrates' Court on May 16 over possession of cannabis.

The 29-year-old, whose last known addresses were in Watford and Luton, had been set to appear before magistrates to enter a plea.

Crime reference: 41/10693/24

Watford Observer: Tyler Jones.Tyler Jones. (Image: Herts Police)

Nita Octavian

Nita Octavian is wanted by police after he did not turn up to St Albans Magistrates' Court on May 3 over charges of common assault and being drunk and disorderly.

The 39-year-old was previously known to frequent the Hatfield area.

Crime reference: 41/10110/21

Watford Observer: Nita Octavian.Nita Octavian. (Image: Hertfordshire Police)

Bradley Sargent

Bradley Sargent, who is known to frequent Stevenage, was added to the wanted list on May 2 after he dodged court on April 29 over supplying Class A drugs.

The 22-year-old's last known address was in Shefford, Bedfordshire.

Crime reference: 41/10613/24

Watford Observer: Bradley Sargent.Bradley Sargent. (Image: Hertfordshire Police)

Anne Marie Woolard

Officers were looking for Anne Marie Woolard last month after she did not attend Stevenage Magistrates’ Court on May 5 over a shoplifting charge.

The 41-year-old, who is known to frequent Bishops Stortford, was accused of stealing £90 worth of groceries from a Co-op in Waltham Cross on April 16.

Crime reference: 41/10650/24

Watford Observer: Anne Marie WoolardAnne Marie Woolard (Image: Hertfordshire Police)

Jay Compton

Jay Compton, 25, is wanted by Hertfordshire Police for failing to attend St Albans Magistrates' Court over public order offences and failure to provide a specimen.

Crime reference: 41/11454/22

Watford Observer: Jay Compton.Jay Compton. (Image: Hertfordshire Police)

Karl Pearce

Another wanted man the force are looking for is Karl Pearce, whose last known address was in Borehamwood.

The 50-year-old failed to attend St Albans Magistrates’ Court on May 23 for failing to comply with the requirements of a community order.

Crime reference: 41/10732/24

Watford Observer: Karl Pearce.Karl Pearce. (Image: Herts Police)

John Morgan

John Morgan is wanted by Hertfordshire Police for failing to attend St Albans Magistrates Court on March 5 over alleged stalking and controlling and coercive behaviour  in Potters Bar between November 2022 and March 2023.

The 29-year-old, who previously lived in Barnet, Kilburn and Whetstone, was accused of going through his partner’s phone, deleting contacts and not allowing her to go to work.

Crime reference: 41/10337/24

Watford Observer: John MorganJohn Morgan (Image: Hertfordshire Police)

Amandeep Singh

Officers are looking for Amandeep Singh after he missed her court date at St Albans Magistrates' Court on May 23 over attempted theft from a shop.

The 37-year-old, whose last known address was in Luton, was accused of stealing two bottles of Ciroc vodka and one bottle of Glenlivet whiskey worth a total of £125 from a Sainsbury's in Hitchin on March 27.

Crime reference: 41/10734/24

Watford Observer: Amandeep SinghAmandeep Singh (Image: Hertfordshire Police)

Ellie-May Fletcher

Ellie-May Fletcher was added to the wanted list last month over failing to attend St Albans Magistrates' Court on April 24 over assault by beating and theft from a shop in Waltham Cross.

The 54-year-old was previously known to frequent the Hertfordshire and London areas.

Crime reference: 41/10594/24

Watford Observer: Ellie-May FletcherEllie-May Fletcher (Image: Hertfordshire Police)

Martin McDonagh

Hertfordshire Police said they were searching for Martin McDonagh last month after he did not attend Luton Magistrates Court on May 21 for driving a motor vehicle with a proportion of a specified controlled drug above the specified limit, namely cannabis.

The 23-year-old is known to frequent the areas of Hertfordshire and London.

Crime reference: 41/10724/24

Watford Observer: Martin McDonaghMartin McDonagh (Image: Hertfordshire Police)