Watford and Rickmansworth teenagers were featured on BBC News after they helped to clean up a local waterway.

Volunteers from the Rickmansworth and Watford Sea Cadets were interviewed by BBC London presenter Jessica Ure on Sunday, June 9, as they participated in the The Big Help Out weekend.

As part of the London-wide volunteering campaign, they took to the Grand Union Canal on kayaks to pick litter out of the water, finding tins, plastic rubbish and even a traffic cone.

Watch the full report below:

One boy said: “We are litter picking for The Big Help Out and it’s really good because it helps the environment, keeping it stable.”

The cadets also discussed the soft skills they had picked up while volunteering, such as communication and time management.

Their parents also got involved, as one dad said: “We don’t really get much time or a chance to spend together so it has been really fun being here and helping out in any way.”

Sea Cadets ambassador Luther Blissett OBE also praised the volunteer work, adding: “All charities need help and the more people turn up and can give five or 10 minutes of their time, I think it’s wonderful and goes a long, long way.”